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  • ➜ An easy-to-use itinerary builder
    ➜ Advanced Search Engine
    ➜ Ability to offer different packages and sell more (group discount, extra services)
    ➜ SEO-friendly features, including Schema (microdata) integration
    ➜ Smooth and progressive booking process
    ➜ Supports a wide range of payment
    ➜ Guests / Travelers Dashboard
    ➜ Features to build trust with the guests (reviews, social proof)

User Experience

  • Trip Fixed Starting Dates— You can add departure times and dates to any tour. Additionally, you can create a variety of travel packages (luxury, budget, etc.). After that, guests can search for and book tours according to the dates of their trip.
  • Advanced Itinerary Builder— A text editor, meals, duration, accommodation, altitude chart, and gallery are just a few of the features that can be included in an enhanced itinerary.
  • Form Editor— You can modify and customise the forms to offer a personalised experience.
  • Currency Converter— It automatically converts the tour price to local currency by using the guests’ location.
  • Trip Weather Forecast— Every trip can have weather forecast information added to it.

Upsell and Marketing

  • Group Discount— By raising the average order value (AOV), group discounts have the potential to boost revenue. An increased AOV results from encouraging more people to book travel with the group discount add-on. You can also use this feature to fill in trip dates that might be empty otherwise.
  • Extra Services— Increasing the average order value (AOV) of visitors can be achieved by offering extra services like airport transportation and room upgrades.
  • Partial Payment— Tours can be paid for in advance with a set sum or a percentage. Customers can pay a portion of the total cost upfront and the remaining balance at a later time when scheduling a tour.
  • User History— With the help of this add-on, you can track your guests’ booking journey and see which pages they viewed before making a reservation, as well as how much time they spent on each page. With this understanding, you can confidently choose how to build rapport and influence the decision to book.
  • Trips Embedder— This feature allows you to incorporate travel-related content into your own and other people’s blog posts (such as influencers or affiliate marketers). By putting links to your trip within well-read blog posts, you can increase bookings and traffic to your trip pages.

Lead Capture and Conversion

  • Trip Reviews— enables users to leave reviews on the webpage. It encourages more reservations and fosters guest trust.
  • Trip Fixed Starting Dates Countdown— A countdown timer for the trip’s start date can be added to instill a sense of urgency in bookings.
  • Social Proof— It uses social proof—a tool that shows visitors that other people have purchased trips from you—to boost conversion rates. Studies indicate that social proof can boost conversion rates.
  • Itinerary Downloader— The Tour brochures (PDF) are automatically created by the add-on and can be downloaded and read offline by visitors. It reduces design expenses and saves time! If a guest has an email address, they can download the brochure (or not).
  • File Downloads— Downloadable files can be added to trips so that visitors can download them. To download the file, visitors may (optionally) supply their email address. Furthermore, by requiring an email address in order to download the files, you can obtain leads.

Payment Gateways

  • Stripe Payment Gateway(International)
  • Paypal Express Checkout Payment Gateway(International)
  • net Payment Gateway(International)
  • PayFast Payment Gateway(South Africa)
  • Himalayan Bank Payment Gateway(Nepal)
  • Midtrans Payment Gateway(Indonesia)
  • PayU Money Payment Gateway(India)
  • PayU Biz Payment Gateway(India)
  • PayHere Payment Gateway(Sri Lanka)

Travel and Tours Advance Features

  • Unlimited Travel Packages: The quantity of tours you can design and market is unrestricted. Tour information, gallery, itinerary, regular price, sales price, length of trip, trip information, FAQs, and costs included and excluded can all be added with ease.
  • Advanced Trip Search and Filter— To help your customers find the ideal trip based on factors like destination, budget, length, activities, trip types, etc., you can use the built-in search filters or design your own.
  • Smart Travel Booking Process— The process of booking a trip is easy, fast, and intelligent. The cost is automatically modified according to the number of individuals chosen. Furthermore, the booking form only has the fields that are required, which speeds up booking and increases sales!
  • Payment Processing— A large selection of payment gateways are supported by Travel Site. Online booking is available to your clients, and payment is processed promptly.
  • Progress Bar— The travel website has a lovely progress bar. The amount of progress a visitor has made towards scheduling a tour is indicated visually by the progress bar. Progress bars boost bookings and sales, according to research.
  • Enquiry Form— On the trip page of your travel website, there is an enquiry form for customers to conveniently locate, fill out, and get in touch with you. More inquiries regarding your travel packages are now coming in.
  • Booking Email Notification — When a customer books a trip, you have the ability to personalise the message they see. Also, you will get an email notification with all the booking details each time a traveller makes a reservation on your website.
  • Translation Ready— The website is entirely translation ready. So feel free to translate your website into any language.
  • Booking Details— All the traveller details are saved along with the booking information on your website. You only need to click a few times to access any information or booking details you require.
  • Discount Coupon— To give clients a discount and encourage them to make a reservation, you can make several coupons.
  • Create More Tabs— Every page currently has four tabs: Overview, Itinerary, Costs, and FAQs. You can quickly make more tabs and even rearrange their order if necessary!
  • Unlimited Trip Facts— You can make an infinite number of “Facts” about trips, like group size, food, lodging, when is the best time to go, and so forth, and then add them to various trips.
  • Destination Page— Making destination pages is simple. For instance, Nepal, USA, and London. Upon accessing a specific destination page (like Nepal), a traveller has the ability to view all of the trips associated with that location.
  • Activities Page— You can make a page with a variety of activities, like mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and sightseeing tours. Thus, when a client visits your website, they are able to view the range of activities you provide and the trips that go along with them. Customers will see all of the trips connected to hiking, for instance, if they visit a page featuring hiking activities.
  • Trip Type Page— The trips can be categorised based on their respective types. You could design trip categories like nature walks, weekend getaways, dog-friendly, kid-friendly, and inexpensive travel. Customers will thus be able to view all of the dog-friendly trips when they visit the trip type page (dog-friendly, for instance).
  • Currency— Additionally, you have the option of selling your travel package for a different currency.

Who can Benefit from us ?

  •  Multi-day travel and tours websites
  •  Single day or hourly tours website
  •  Trekking websites
  •  Camping websites
  •  Mountaineering websites
  •  Surfing websites
  •  City tour websites
  •  Rafting websites
  •  Jungle safari websites
  •  Hiking websites
  •  Summer holidays websites
  •  Winter holidays websites
  •  Wine tours websites
  •  Cruise websites
  •  Beach holidays websites

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