What is Social Media Advertising ?

The organic reach of many businesses is dwindling. Your target audience may not notice some of your postings at all while others may have high engagement rates. Moreover, it is now harder to succeed with just organic social media marketing strategies due to changes in social media algorithms.

Another name for social media targeting is social media advertising. It’s the technique of running advertisements on social media sites to strengthen your brand and get people to react. This could be to visit your landing page, buy your brand offerings, or enquire about your goods or services.

Social media advertising, in contrast to organic social media marketing, concentrates on reaching highly targeted audience segments in order to maximise return on investment (ROI).

Are you not getting the desired results from your social media marketing strategy on Facebook or Pinterest? Boost your marketing from the start and generate steady revenue with social media advertising.

Advertising on social media puts your brand in front of the right consumers on the right platform at the right moment. This digital marketing strategy based on social media is essential if you want to quickly reach new, targeted audiences.

Social Media Advertising Services

TikTok Ads

Do you need data-driven tactics and tips for TikTok social media marketing? To help you make the most of TikTok for Business, our TikTok marketing company provides hourly consultations with social media marketing experts.

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Facebook As

One of the most well-liked and affordable types of internet marketing is Facebook social media marketing. Use EBS's Facebook marketing services to promote your excellent customer service and increase website traffic.

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YouTube Ads

Research indicates that over 90% of consumers who shop online find a business through promotional videos on YouTube. Boost the effectiveness of your YouTube social media marketing to draw in more customers and encourage them to act.

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LinkedIn Ads

Our organisation specialises in LinkedIn marketing and is dedicated to building your online persona on social media. We think that setting your brand apart from the competition may be achieved with an effective LinkedIn social media marketing plan.

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Instagram Ads

Use Instagram social media marketing to expand your consumer base and create a brand community. The Instagram advertising specialists at EBS improve your company profile, start sponsored posts, publish material and photos that are worth sharing, and use IG stories and Instagram reels to convey your brand's narrative.

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Twitter Ads

Invest in social media marketing on Twitter to see your brand gain traction. We use data-tracking technologies as your specialised Twitter advertising firm to monitor your analytics, pinpoint your target market, and develop both organic and paid Twitter marketing tactics that humanise your brand and drive customers to your online store.

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Social Media Advertising Advantages

You need to know how to use social media for marketing and advertising in order to increase your chances of conversion, since more and more firms are adopting social media advertising. Our social media marketing company lists the following as the main goals of social media advertisements to help you understand how they operate:

  • 1. Introduce your brand and increase awareness.
  • 2 Promote your products and services to get better customer loyalty.
  • 3. Draw focus to your unique brand offers, including promotions and events.  
  • 4. Retarget already interested prospects.
  • 5. Send online followers to your website enhance your presence.

The primary objective of social media advertising is to enhance your online earnings and attract new customers. Find the best places to put your advertising dollars to increase sales. Speak with our experts about social media video marketing right now.

Why we are Superior than other ?


We designate particular strategists based on your industry's requirements, objectives, and needs for social media marketing. This implies that you may hire a number of social media and digital marketing specialists to work on your company. Your assigned account managers are ready to answer any inquiries and have conversations by phone or email.

Great SMM Strategy

A social media marketing plan that is tailored to your requirements and financial constraints will help you increase social media engagement and marketing efforts. Our social media marketing specialists pinpoint your target market to develop social media digital marketing strategies that increase return on investment.


Social media campaign reports, which provide a comprehensive summary of your social media performance, are among our specialised, in-depth reporting measures. To assist you in tracking your return on investment, we also provide a monthly summary of the social media tasks we've completed and the hours we've spent.