Hotel Booking Website

Hotel Booking Website Features You Will Get

  • Individual Rate Plans (Flexible, Non-Refundable, and Refundable rates)
  • Management of Rooms, Room Types, and Sub-Units
  • Calendars of Availability and an Overview of Occupancy
  • Bookings Management corrected
  • Rich in features back-end section
  • Adaptable booking procedure at the front end
  • Eight distinct front-end views and eight different shortcode types for your pages
  • Adaptable to any pricing model, including OBP, LOS, nightly, occupancy, and more.
  • Features for housekeeping with Tableaux, celebrations, and room-day notes
  • Functions for managing permissions and ACLs for different WordPress user roles
  • Support for multiple languages with integrated translation features
  • Compatible with Channel Manager. We offer Channel Manager (e4jConnect) as a certified provider.
  • Google Hotel Ads is approved for Links to Free Bookings.

Hotel Booking Website Advance Features

  • Seasonal Rates and Rates Calendar that can be changed with just one click
  • Booking Restrictions: Mandatory Arrival/Departure Days, CTA/CTD, Max LOS
  • Custom Payment Gateways
  • SMS gateways for automated alerts
  • Personalised Cron Job Scheduling for Automated Tasks (invoices, reminders)
  • Commissions, sales channels, and customer management functions
  • Graphs and Statistics
  • Customization, Additional Services, and Additional Costs
  • Change, Add, or Remove Rooms from Already-Booked Events 
  • PMS reports with an expandable framework and integrated services for multiple nations
  • Electronic invoices extendable framework compliant with Italy (Agenzia delle Entrate) and Greece (myDATA ΑΑΔΕ).
  • Functions of registration: check-in, check-out, and no-show
  • All you need for your WordPress website is our award-winning Booking Engine + PMS and Channel Manager solution.

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