Gym Website Features You Will Get

  • Support Multiple Accounts
  • Several daily window times for the class schedule
  • Bills and future payments
  • Payments in Cash and Reckoning
  • Additional support for the custom block in Gutenberg that allows you to embed the calendar, login, membership checkout (signups), and class schedule.
  • Members can now sign up for membership through the new real-time chat feature (requires Stripe live)!
  • Updated colour settings for general CSS positioning and icons
  • A new preloaded widget to boost and optimise performance
  • Develop, plan, and allocate newsletter blasts to your existing members with a new newsletter system.
  • Fresh Enrollment A request to assist in expanding your online membership
  • The start and end dates of promotions, the quantity of usage, and percentage, sales price, or discounted value discounts are all set by the new Promocode system.

Gym Website Advance Features

* Interact with your members and potential members when they visit your website.

* Include class information and a monthly calendar on the front end.
*Include a member’s dashboard and login area on your website so that users can update their payment details.
*Include a class schedule on your website.
*A QR-barcode is created for each member automatically when they sign up.
*To change the plugin’s style, add your own Cascading Style Sheet.
*Charge members automatically for a number of recurrent payments within a predetermined timeframe.
*Keep tabs on unpaid members and payments. View the payment history and who has paid for what.
* Interact with Android and iPhone applications to facilitate member check-in.

Our Development method