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Inbound, outbound, Helpdesk, Customer Services, Telemarketing, Sales, Live Chat, Booking & Reservation

This is the Call Center Section. We provide Inbound, outbound, Helpdesk, Customer Services, Telemarketing, Sales, Live Chat, Booking & Reservation, Virtual Assistant, Technical Support and all other types of call center services at low prices.

Call Centers Services we offer

Inbound Call Centers

Employ experts from our organisation for on-demand tech support, question answering, and more. The greatest services will be rendered by our experts.

Outbound Call Center

Boost customer retention, obtain deeper insights into your customers, and cut expenses by optimising the efficiency of your outbound call centre.

Telemarketing Sales

Our telemarketing services establish an immediate rapport with your customers and offer the most personalised and interactive sale services.

From Burden to Profit with our Experts

It can be challenging to determine whether you’re getting the best partner at the best price when there are thousands of call centre options available worldwide. Outsourcing consultants can save you money, take the guesswork out of your search, and simplify it. Put our tried-and-true method to work for you; our experts have over 15 years of experience in the call centre industry.

With empathy, comprehension, and the creation of unforgettable experiences, you can go from providing ordinary customer service to genuinely memorable interactions that fulfil the promise of your brand. Travel with someone who knows how to have meaningful conversations.

Call Center Channels


Customers and agents communicate in real time via your direct call.

Live Chat

Customers and agents communicate in real time via your website's live chat feature.


CSRs use email correspondence to address concerns and respond to inquiries from clients.

Social Media

Agents keep an eye on activity on your social media accounts and reply to comments and mentions.

SMS or Text

Users text or send SMS messages to other users.

About Eagles Business Solution

Eagles Business Solution is a call centre outsourcing advisory company that focuses on connecting businesses with the ideal outsourced call centres. Our team’s 15+ years of combined experience in the call centre industry puts us in a unique position to help clients and BPO providers establish long-lasting relationships. Our goal is to give businesses access to the insider knowledge of the contact centre industry without making them spend a lot of time or money doing it themselves.

We have developed a proprietary database of over 500 of the world’s top-performing US-based, nearshore, offshore, and at-home BPO providers over years of researching and screening outsourced call centres, including hundreds that would not have otherwise come to our clients’ attention. To maintain accurate and up-to-date data, our BPO analysts regularly update our database.

Our proprietary matching algorithm compares more than 50 data points to find BPOs that precisely match our clients’ requirements. The results are displayed in an easy-to-understand side-by-side comparative matrix. After the choice has been made, we continue to keep an eye on the BPO provider’s performance and represent our clients’ interests.

Our BPO partners regularly provide increased productivity, outstanding language skills, and significant cost savings. For our clients, we streamline the process of finding an outsourced call centre, and we’ll do it for free!

What You Select us ?

Our group will put your brand in contact with an inbound call centre partner who functions as a smooth extension of your company. Outsource consultants offer flexible staffing, pricing, and plan options to assist you:

  • Save money
  • Reduce wait times
  • Improve customer experience
  • Focus on your core business
  • Achieve your key goals
  • Outperform your competitors

Industries to which we provide Services

Have experience in Industry

  • Government
  • Health Insurance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Solar
  • E-Commerce
  • Legal
  • Agriculture

Have experience in Industry

  • Energy
  • Response
  • Retail
  • Booking
  • Response
  • Finance
  • Food
  • Defence

Why We are Supreme in Industry ?

Affordable prices

Our solutions are strategically priced and cost-effective, enabling us to offer clients customised solutions without financial restrictions. To make sure that every business can take advantage of our solutions, we provide customised quotations and flexible pricing models.

Quality Checking

Before coming to you, our services go through multiple levels of inspection and quality control. In order to enhance our contact centre services, we track and evaluate every call. To preserve quality, we also hold in-depth internal training sessions.

Data Security

To guarantee complete data security for our clients, we make use of the best security services available. In addition, we legally bind ourselves to preserve the integrity of your enterprise data by signing NDA agreements. We never give information to a third party without your permission.

Advance Infrastructure

We provide call centre services out of Pakistan, Dubai, and other international locations. Our offices are all outfitted with cutting-edge technology. We use the newest hardware and software to produce flawless results.

100% Transperent

We assign specialised project managers to each of our clients, who provide you with real-time updates on the status and schedule of the projects. We also provide complete transparency with pricing. Therefore, when you outsource call centre services to us, you can put an end to worrying about hidden fees or unclear terms and conditions.

Working on Your Conditions

We are known for our flexibility. We work on your conditions, on your price, on your time, on your comfortness. We consider client as the King and we follow all of your dictations anytime and do progress at the pace which you want.